If you plan on visiting Denver, Colorado, you really should think about renting a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel. We make this recommendation even more strongly if you are traveling as a groups. Why? For the reasons you will find below.

A vacation house is a true home away from home. While five-star hotel can lay claim to providing you with all the comforts you need to feel at home, we have yet to hear of a guest consider a hotel his home. On the other hand, a vacation home is where you can truly feel at home, and make it your home, even for just a few days.

For one, it has a kitchen that you can cook in. And for another, a vacation home is basically a house that the owner is just renting to you.

Aside from being able to cook, though, one thing that makes vacation hotels vacation homes better than home is the cost. It will be cheaper for you to stay in a rented home than in a hotel if you are a group of eight.

If you know anything about a hotel, you already know that rate of a room is fixed and so are the number of guests that can stay the night. A $500 room at a hotel will only accommodate two people. On the other hand, a $500 that you rent for $500 per night can accommodate as many as eight people, if there are four bedrooms. You can share the cost with the people in the group and that is definitely going to lower the price you pay for accommodations during your visit to Denver.

Also, because there’s a kitchen, you will save money on food.

Where can you find vacation homes in Denver? You can easily find them on AirBnB, although there are other websites that you can check out.

When it comes to choosing a vacation home, make sure that you contact the owner and agree on the terms of use. Before that, though, check out the ratings on AirBnB or whatever website you found them on. Only book property that has a star rating of at least four stars.

Choosing a vacation home in Denver isn’t rocket science, however, you do need to make sure that through owner isn’t difficult to deal with and that the house is in great condition when you arrive.